6 Must-see Luxury Homes

If you could build the house of your dreams, what features would you include?

An abundance of bedrooms and baths? A state-of-the-art kitchen? An indoor pool?

What about a hidden entrance, an in-house café, or a custom garage for your fleet of luxury cars?

In Netflix’s new reality documentary series, the UK import “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes,”(link is external) award-winning architect Piers Taylor and acclaimed actress and property developer Caroline Quentin find all these amenities and more as they travel the globe exploring unique, contemporary homes that take residential architecture to new levels of creativity.

The show is particularly timely, as the luxury market is growing,(link is external) with sales rising by 15% and prices increasing by 20% in 2021.

Read on for our top picks from the show’s spectacular and surprising collection.

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