Existing Home Sales Tumble Again In June As Prices Set A Record High

According to the National Association of Realtors, the downward trend in existing home sales persisted in June, marking the fifth consecutive month of decline. This concerning trend was observed in three out of the four major regions across the United States, while one region managed to maintain stable sales. Alarmingly, all four regions experienced a […]

Private Money Lending is a Perfect Alternative to Active Investing. Here’s Why

Rreal estate investors are well-acquainted with the concept of raising private money for their projects. Various platforms like blogs, podcasts, books, and other media sources provide strategies to secure this capital and utilize it to fund real estate investments through the use of other people’s money (OPM). This elusive pool of private capital almost resembles […]

6 Must-see Luxury Homes

If you could build the house of your dreams, what features would you include? An abundance of bedrooms and baths? A state-of-the-art kitchen? An indoor pool? What about a hidden entrance, an in-house café, or a custom garage for your fleet of luxury cars? In Netflix’s new reality documentary series, the UK import “The World’s Most […]

The Many Definitions of ‘Home’

Home, a concept deeply ingrained in human consciousness, holds various meanings that extend beyond the physical boundaries of a house or dwelling. It encapsulates emotions, memories, and a sense of belonging. The definition of home transcends geographical locations and cultural backgrounds, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences. In this article, we delve into the multifaceted […]